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Woso Woso Cane Double Jingler

Woso Woso Cane Double Jingler


These beautiful cane jinglers are also called ‘Woso Woso’! You wouldn’t know by looking at it, but these gorgeously handcrafted instruments make the most delightful percussive sound when you shake it. The woso woso is a type of caxixi, similar to the kiss kass, and acts as a great shaker to cut through any ensemble. These shakers are traditionally played to accompany drummers, and they are great as accent percussion. African Drumming’s cane jinglers are hand woven from elephant reed in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana, and are filled with small bells which produce a bright, pleasant jingling sound. This simple yet beautiful instrument is just another example of how our talented West African artists use elepant grass to weave a variety of sustainable products. The woso woso is a great shaker to inspire rhythm in the young, and definitely durable enough for a young muso too!

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