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Translucent Geometric Shapes 140pcs

Translucent Geometric Shapes 140pcs


There is so much fun and educational content in this set, children will be fascinated by it immediately! With 140 separate clear coloured components (plus a selection/games dice) which come in a handy screw top cookie jar for easy access, there are enough pieces for an individual child or a large group of children working together. The pieces come in 6 clear colours (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange) and in 6 different shapes hexagon, square, trapezoid, triangle, diamond, and parallelogram.

These mathematical shapes can be arranged into mosaic pictures and patterns on a desktop or better still on a light panel where their colours really look brilliant. Children will soon recognise the shapes by their correct name and want to use them when working as a team to build a beautiful scene, pattern or mosaic. Whilst having fun children will be learning so much about shapes, colours, picking, placing arranging and symmetry as well as improving their fine motor skills. A must for every classroom. To give an idea of size, the square is approximately 25mm and the hexagon 50mm in diameter.

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