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Sorting egg cups

Sorting egg cups


Introducing our vibrant Sorting Egg Cups Set of 6 – a burst of colours and educational fun just in time for the Easter season! This set features six beautifully coloured egg cups, designed not only to visually delight but also to serve as fantastic tools for engaging colour sorting experiences. Each cup holds a delightful surprise – tiny eggs in matching colours, adding an extra layer of excitement to the sorting activity. Ideal for Easter egg hunts, these charming eggs elevate the festivities while providing an entertaining way to reinforce colour recognition skills. Make Easter a memorable learning adventure with our sorting egg cups set – where play seamlessly meets educational exploration in the most delightful way! They are also perfect for imaginative play.

This sorting egg cups set not only offers a harmonious blend of play and learning but also opens the door to imaginative pretend play experiences. Watch as little ones embark on creative adventures, using the colourful cups and tiny eggs to concoct stories, build scenes, and explore their imagination. The versatility of this set transforms it into an ideal choice for not just educational enrichment but also endless entertainment in the world of imaginative play.

These egg cups aren’t just for Easter; they’re versatile enough for year-round play and learning. Use them to teach concepts like counting, sorting, or even as props in pretend kitchen play. The durable construction ensures that the set can withstand hours of playtime fun, making it a valuable addition to any toy collection.

*Only includes sorting egg cup with coloured matching egg inside each egg. Does not include accessories.

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