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Snow White  and all 7 Dwarfs finger puppets  8pc -

Snow White and all 7 Dwarfs finger puppets 8pc -

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This set includes 8 puppets with Snow White and all 7 Dwarfs all with wooden heads and detailed fabric costumes.

Finger puppets ensure children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in productive ways.

Creating multiple tales using the Finger Puppets will improve children’s literacy and story telling skills and performing in front of a captive audience will bolster their self confidence. The character finger puppets provide the perfect blank canvas for creating wonderful tales of friendship, loyalty, and adventure. Children will love inventing personalities for the adorable puppets and with an endless number of possible stories to act out, the fun never has to stop.

Wooden Toys

Finger Puppets 10-15cm in height

Set of 8 plus bonus story book

Suitable for Children 3 and Up

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