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My Mother’s Sari Story Bag

My Mother’s Sari Story Bag

AU$81.00 Regular Price
AU$59.95Sale Price

Children will learn:

learn to value books and stories.

spark child's imagination and stimulate curiosity.

allows children to perform different roles and test their own creativity and the reactions and responses of those around them. Children learn many things through trial and error, and what better and safer way to try out various scenarios and situations than through pretending you are in them.

Growing Independence-Pack up toys in Bag once finished Playing Story Bag Contains-


1. Mother’s Sari Children’s book

2. Sari Material with 4 Loops

3.Slip On saree skirt with elastic on waist - Colour will be chosen by random (Model Doll not included)

4. One Indian Girl Doll.Size: 35cm lenght

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