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Handa's Surprise Story Bag

Handa's Surprise Story Bag


Handa's Surprise story bag contains -


1 X Story book in English (hardcover).This book is optional for Wholesale customers. 

1 X Doll Length - 52cm

1 X All fruits as per book for children to engage with story.- Mixer of Plastic, Felt and Styrofoam.

1 X Sea grass basket - Country of origin -Ghana - Diameter: 18cm – 22cm

1 X Bag for storage

1 X Hand-woven Bolga basket from Ghana for a stylish display. These Baskets are hand-woven from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Fully malleable and easy to reshape, simply immerse in water for a few minutes and adjust shape while wet.


What Children will learn engaging with story Bag:

1.learn to value books and stories.

2.Story bags are a fantastic literacy resource (especially useful for those children who might be reluctant readers, not very interested in books or ‘sitting still' to listen!)

3.more eager to try out their newfound literacy skills

4.spark child's imagination and stimulate curiosity.

5.allows children to perform different roles and test their own creativity and the reactions and responses of those around them. Children learn many things through trial and error, and what better and safer way to try out various scenarios and situations than through pretending you are in them.

6.Growing Independence-Pack up toys in Bag once finished Playing.

7.Sharing being kind to each other as per book moral lesson.

8.Children learn language skills as they name fruits &colours.

9.Remember sequence of events happening

Each Story Bag comes with Calico bag.

  • Doll Costumes

     Please note: Dolls costumes are hand made and may vary in design.

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