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Handa's Noisy Night Story Bag

Handa's Noisy Night Story Bag


1 X Handa's Noisy Night Story Book

8 x Finger Puppets

1 x Fox, 1 x Pig, 1 x Porcupine, 1 x Bat, 1 x Wood Pecker 1 x Bush Baby 1 x Pangolin 1 x Owl

2 x African Dolls - These beautifully handmade Multi-Cultural dolls features soft bodys and range from approximately 37cms in height - Machine washable! assorted dress colours for Dolls (sent randomly)

1 x Bag for easy clean-up and Storage.


About the book: When Handa sleeps over at her friend Akeyo’s house, she hears lots of strange sounds in the night: snorts, chattering, rattling, squeaks, slurps, wails, a big thud. Akeyo says it’s just her family, laughing, talking, playing music, riding a bike, drinking their bedtime milk. Or maybe the baby crying. Or a door slamming. But is she right? Young readers will be happy to be in on the joke as a sequence of animals pay a visit on the facing pages: a pig, fox, porcupine, bat, pangolin, bush baby, owl, and woodpecker. Illustrated in luminous colors, Eileen Brown’s humorous take on things that go bump in the night includes endpapers picturing and naming all the nocturnal creatures.


Puppets are not intended to be identical to the pictures in the book but are merely representative of the characters involved



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