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First Nations People  - Art Sea Story Floor Puzzle

First Nations People - Art Sea Story Floor Puzzle

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Aboriginal Peoples have a deep connection with land and waters with Country, which is central to their spiritual identity, and have maintained this connection. Cultural Heritage is the legacy we inherited from our Ancestors First Nation People. See our Meeting Place FLOOR PUZZLE. 

Aboriginal Peoples have a deep connection with waters and waterways. They are essential to Spiritual and Cultural practices, as well as environmental management, food production & language.  Water connects People and communities to land, and to each other.

Aboriginal Art Sea Story  Floor Puzzle 36pc,Manufectured  by Tuzzle Puzzle  Made in Australia

This Aboriginal meeting place giant floor puzzle is a fantastic floor puzzle that features an array of Aboriginal designed SEA animals. Great to use when learning about the different animals found in and around Australia. Also a wonderful way to inspire creating thinking by getting the children to use this puzzle to create their own stories about the different animals represented.

When children work together on puzzles, they learn teamwork, cooperation, and sharing. Puzzles also help improve short term memory and problem-solving. Assembling puzzles is a calm and fun way for children to improve their hand-eye coordination, learn a new skill and teach children about new concepts and facts. Children can feel a sense of satisfaction when they fit the pieces together, giving a boost to their confidence. Puzzles are also a positive way to keep students quiet and focused.

Each of the wooden puzzle pieces are durable to withstand play over long periods of time and they are lightweight for the children to easily pick up each of the pieces and place on the puzzle board. These puzzles can be wiped clean to keep them free from germs and bacteria, just allow them to completely dry out before the next child uses them.

Measures: 70cms diameter 

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