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Builders Set of 4 Puzzles Tuzzle

Builders Set of 4 Puzzles Tuzzle


The Tuzzles Builders 4 Puzzle Set consists of 4 building job related puzzles - Brick layer, Carpenter, painting including a green cement mixer which always facinates children. Beautiful inclusive puzzle. Children can challenge their motor abilities as they practice their fine finger muscles, manoeuvring each piece. Through their piece selections, children are engaging pattern recognition, spatial awareness and sequencing. Raised for easier manipulation these puzzles are designed as the next step after peg puzzles.

Tuzzles is an Australian owned company utilizing innovative technology to manufacture modern, colourful, super bright and extremely hard-wearing puzzles. All puzzles are made in Australia designed specifically to aid children in their development.

Includes 4 Building theamed puzzles

Raised for easier manipulation

Dimensions: 15cmL x 15cmW x 2cmH

Suitable for ages 3+

1st puzzle 11

2nd puzzle 12

3rd puzzle 14

4th puzzle 13


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