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African Djembe Musical Pack

African Djembe Musical Pack

AU$81.00 Regular Price
AU$72.90Sale Price

1 x 40cm Djembe Drum

1 x Ankle Shaker

1 x Medium Kiss Kass


The drum is uniquely distinctive so the external carvings on the shell may vary.

Our Indo shells are solid timber sourced from renewable plantations of Mahogany.


Our Ankle and Wrist shakers are elasticated for comfort, making them suitable for kids and adults alike. The small pods are filled with seeds which omit a soft watery sound when shaken. Their sound is very pleasant and not too harsh or loud. Featuring rasta colour bead detail. Great for dancers, facilitators, kids and anyone wanting to keep time as they drum


Kiss kass are hand woven in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana from elephant reed harvested from rich flood plains. Traditionally named Caxixi (ca-she-she), they are usually played in pairs. Vibrant, fun shakers are great all-round percussion which produce a range of sounds depending on how they’re played.

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