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3D sorting and nesting board

3D sorting and nesting board


Our 3D sorting and nesting board is designed to captivate your toddler’s senses and foster holistic development through engaging play. The vibrant, beautiful colours are carefully chosen to stimulate their visual perception and spark curiosity. This nesting board is a gateway to learning about colours and shapes in a fun and engaging way. Watch as your little one discovers the magic of hues and explores the fascinating world of shapes through play with this nesting board.

The magic lies in its versatility – a true all-in-one learning experience! At first glance, it may appear to be a simple puzzle, but it’s so much more! Your child will explore the art of sorting, nesting, and stacking with excitement and wonder. Each shape is thoughtfully designed to fit snugly within the other, introducing the concept of spatial relationships and encouraging critical thinking.

As your little one skillfully stacks the shapes one inside the other, they not only experience the joy of accomplishment but also enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The sense of achievement with each successful stacking and unstacking will inspire them to keep exploring and learning.

Approx dimensions of product: 27x25x10cms. Weight: 1.6kgs.

Recommended age: 2+

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