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Zig Zag Blocks Puzzle

Zig Zag Blocks Puzzle


Tetris style games are well known as a fun and good brain teaser. This tetris style puzzle is great for children to use their cognitive skills as they figure out which piece of the puzzle goes where. This wooden and child-friendly version can entertain children while promoting the development of their logical thinking skills. This puzzle is made with non-toxic food grade coloring.

Completing puzzles takes some time and patience. Practicing patience is one of the best benefits children gain through completing puzzles. Puzzles promote the development of hand-eye coordination, concentration and visual perception as children try to fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Puzzles also promote the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving skills which are useful in life. They also help improve memory as the children try and figure out where the pieces of the puzzles go.  Children feel a sense of achievement as they fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Children can also learn to identify the different colors and shapes by looking at the different pieces of the puzzle. By using their logical reasoning, they figure out which piece of the puzzle goes where. Hence this tetris puzzle is a great educational resource to promote cognitive thinking for your children.

Approx dimensions of product: 20x20x3cms. Weight: 0.5kgs.

Recommended age 2+

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