Wooden Threading fruits play set 34 assorted fruits  in Jar

Wooden Threading fruits play set 34 assorted fruits in Jar


Banana size: approx 7cms L
Watermelon size: approx 4.5cm L
Pear size: approx 3.5cms L
Blueberry size: approx 2.5cm
strawberry size: approx 3cm

A great toy for kids with autism! Recommended by the doctor and parents!

Brand new brightly coloured pieces with a range of fruit pieces in a clear jar with twisted cover.

Easy for storage and never worry about missing bits and pieces.This lacing set will have kids

identifying pears, apples, oranges, lemons, bananas, plums, watermelon and strawberries.Excellent for developing a child's fine motor skills, patience and hand-eye coordination.Ages 3+

This wooden educational toy will keep any child engage  for hours and develop fine motor skills.

The lacing set includes 34 pieces of wooden fruit with 2 coloured laces.
All the pieces are made from wood with colourful features. High quality wooden toy that will last.

Non-Toxic Paint

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