Wooden Tap Tap Farm Set

Wooden Tap Tap Farm Set


This play set includes 24 different figures we usually can see in a farm (a farmer, a barn, a tractor, different animals and plants, and so on. Also included is a heavy duty cork board, a hammer and a box of tacks. Tack these wooden figures on the cork board following the guiding cards to complete the challenges.

A fun activity that incorporates a number of development skills for young children. Helps develop fine motor skills while using shape and colour recognition. The set has everything you need to hammer the shapes into the cork mat using the instruction card or just their imagination.

Measures: 30 x 22 x 5cm.


Be creative while practising your fine motor skills and imagination. Use the hammer to nail the different shapes and animals into place on the cork board. You can replicate a picture from the included cards or use your imagination and create your own.

Recommended from 4 yrs+


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