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Wooden Anatomy Puzzle

Wooden Anatomy Puzzle


Measuring 56cm x 30cm x 5 cm

Weight: 2 kgs

Wooden Anatomy Puzzle is perfect to educate children on the human body and locating varies organs.


Introducing our wooden anatomy puzzle, meticulously crafted to introduce children to the wonders of the human body. With its array of pieces representing various body parts, this puzzle offers an immersive learning experience. As children assemble it, they not only have fun but also gain valuable knowledge about anatomy.

Whether in schools, at home, or in medical settings, this puzzle serves as a versatile educational tool. It provides a hands-on approach to understanding the complexities of the human body. From classrooms to playrooms, it sparks curiosity and fosters a deeper appreciation for our anatomical structure.

Moreover, this puzzle transcends mere recreation; it’s an educational journey. Through tactile exploration, children grasp the fundamentals of anatomy and how each part functions harmoniously within the body. It’s a dynamic learning tool that caters to various learning styles and environments.

Puzzles promote the development of hand-eye coordination, concentration and visual perception as children try to fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Puzzles also promote the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving skills which are useful in life. They also help improve memory as the children try and figure out where the pieces of the puzzles go.  Children feel a sense of achievement as they fix the pieces of the puzzle together.

Approx dimensions: 56x30x5cms. Weight2kgs.

Recommended age 2+

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