Set of 3 Traditional Kiwi/Māori Books

Set of 3 Traditional Kiwi/Māori Books

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Maui's greatest catch : a Maori legend / written by Peter Millett ; illustrated by Fraser Williamson 

Maui's brothers don't want him to go fishing with them, but Maui sneaks on their boat. Find out what Maui catches in this Maori legend


This is a big classroom book is perfect for sharing on the mat. It is also a “flip” side book so contains two parts.


Rangi and Papa & Matariki - Flipside book (New Zealand) - On one side it contains the story of Rangi and Papa. This is a traditional Māori story about the Māori Gods conspire to separate their parents to create the world of light.

This part of the book has 24 pages

Matariki –  Matariki contains information on both traditional and contemporary celebrations of Matariki or the Māori New Year. Contents: New Beginnings, Matariki – Seven Facts, Living by the Seasons, Fun with Kites, Matariki Today.

This part of the book has 8 pages 


Kawariki and Tutira / Sea and Shore - Flipside book (New Zealand) - A retelling of a traditional Maori tale, in which Kawariki's lover Tutira is transformed into a shark by her angry father.On the flipside, a bonus story 'Sea and Shore' introduces factual information about ocean resources of New Zealand.

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