Set of 3 - 24 piece - Koori Artwork Dream Time Puzzles

Set of 3 - 24 piece - Koori Artwork Dream Time Puzzles

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Didgeridoo Man Koori Artwork Size A3 24 PIECES - All Koori Artwork Puzzles are Australian Made -Each puzzle comes with rear “information sheets” For Educator’s underside (Rear) of the puzzle tray, that provides a full background to the Artist, the work, the culture and the Dream time story linked with each puzzle. Didgeridoo Man Artwork by Robert Campbell jnr. (1944-1993)Original currently hangs in the Art Gallery of QueenslandMedium level of difficulty as a jigsaw puzzleIt is a timeless image of the didgeridoo player, the link between the tribe and Creation


“Milaybuma – The Barramundi Dreaming Puzzle 24 PIECES A3 - This is the story of the Ancestor Nagorku, a Creation Ancestor who followed the great songline, (journey) of the Barramundi Dreaming. His journey took him along the coast from Cape Don, North Queensland, inland into the rivers and creeks of the region. There he found a ‘Dreaming’ site for the Barramundi at Maragalidpan Creek. This tale starts with the fishing village, where the dreamtime barramundi, says the legend, was spotted by three hunters, one of whom, Nagongbid, approached and managed to spear him. But before they could return for the great feast, the Ancestor Nagorku steals the dilly bag and Barramundi. He flees southwards, towards the inland creeks and rivers. The brave men of the tribe follow. They must battle through the gullys and cross danger waters. Along the way they must battle against the monsoon and floods. Along the way, they meet the wise praying mantis and helpful dolphin, which aid them in their chase of the Ancestor Nagorku. They crept upon Nagorku as he slept by the Maragalidpan Creek. They stole back the great Barramundi Milaybuma, and he cooked upon banana leaves that night.


Koori Dreaming ABORIGINAL WILDLIFE A3 Size 24 PIECES - Dreamtime Story ABORIGINAL WILDLIFE -ROBERT CAMPBELL JNR. (1944-1994)This artwork is a wonderful representation of Robert unique vision of the koori Dreaming. The spirit of Creation Ancestors alive in all things are represented by the ‘bow ties’. The energy of the Ancestors, as represented by the dots and lines, feeds life-force into our world. All the great animals created by our Spirit Ancestors during their roaming of our land are represented. This artwork is a journey into the realm of the Dreaming, and its use of unique dot and x-ray technique to represent the creative spirit inside us all and its connection with the Ancestor spirits.Robert always sought to visualise the great gift nature gave to all Australians. For him, this land was the greatest work of the Creation Ancestors. Our life is truly wild, unshaped and unaffected by the workings of man. Deep in our isolated bush, these wonderous animals live a life true to their Ancestors, thus their spirits are strong

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