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SAND GOANNA Aboriginal Design Recycled Mat, Outback Reds 1.8x2.7m



Here at Recycled Mats, we are committed to ethical trade between Indigenous artists to create sustainable products that you can enjoy throughout everyday life. This mat is made using our ingenious recycled plastic in warm outback reds, weaved in a reversible manner, allowing you to choose which predominant colour to display. Utilize your Sand Goanna as a feature piece for your interior or take it on your outdoor adventures, like the beach, on picnics or camping. 

The sand goanna is one of the totems significant to the artist's mob, the Kamilaroi people. This mat design represents the knowledge and connections between people and places, that are carried through the goanna. The background of the design shows the tracks of the goanna, with the lines representing the trail that his tail leaves in the sand, and the dots on either side are his footprints as he walks. The design also incorporates campsites of men and women who gather together to share yarns, pass down knowledge and practice culture. 

Created by artist Caitlin Trindall, this piece is a careful collision of both tradition and modern contemporary art. Caitlin takes great pride in her work, and spends a lot of time drafting designs, choosing the perfect colours, and putting love into every dot and paint stroke she creates. So we're thrilled to turn this design into one of our eco-friendly products. 

Art has always been a big part of Caitlin's life, both her parents are very creative and have passed on their love of art. However, the artwork that she treasures most have been passed down by her Grandfather, a Kamilaroi Elder who made didgeridoos, painted boomerangs and carved emu eggs. 

Each of our Aboriginal Mats tell a story - spread out your space at your next gathering and appreciate culture by using multiple designs from our Indigenous collection. 

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