PlayTime Baby Dot 13" by Adora

    Size: 13"
    Fair Skin Tone/Brown Eyes
    Perfect 1st baby doll weighing about 12 oz.
    Sits comfortably with weighted bean bottom
    100% Machine Washable
    Fresh baby powder scent
    Super cuddly, silky smooth body
    Exclusive GentleTouch™ vinyl
    My eyes open and close
    Sweet ADORAble face
    I can suck my thumb
    Removable clothing
    Encourages nurturing and pretend play
    Includes Adora baby bottle
    Ages 1 and up

Adora’s PlayTime™ Babies are handmade with care and ready to be loved. Each PlayTime™ Baby is created in our exclusive GentleTouch™ vinyl which has a fresh baby powder scent. They also have a cuddly silky-smooth body that reminds us of the beloved trim on a child’s favorite baby blankie! Each PlayTime™ Baby can suck its thumb and has eyes that open and close, perfect for little ones learning to nurture and engage in pretend play. You will adore their life-like features from their cute little button nose… to their tiny little hands and feet! Their bean bag weighted bottom gives them a life-like feel, perfect for cuddles and kisses. While they are considered the perfect “1st” baby doll for toddlers weighing just about 12 ounces, this is a must-have for all “parents-in-training”! PlayTime™ Baby Dot is dressed in a cute polka dot sleeper with pink trim and a matching cap to top off her ADORAble look! Whether it’s hugging them tight, feeding them or putting them down for a nap, your PlayTime™ Baby is ready to be loved! The best part is that they are 100% Machine Washable, so after a trip to the playground, store or park, wash them, lay them flat to dry and they'll be fresh and clean again! Ages 1 and up



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