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"Naidoc Week" Story Bag

"Naidoc Week" Story Bag


1 X Ceremony: Welcome to Our Country BOOK

1 X Aboriginal Coloured Scarves 3 Pc Set

1 X Our Country Puzzle - 12pc / A3 Size

1 X Somebody's Land: Welcome to Our Country BOOK

1 X Aboriginal Inspired Coloured Bunting 



Ceremony: Welcome to Our Country - A joyful celebration of family and culture, the Welcome to Our Country series introduces First Nations history to children. From Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, co-writer Ellie Laing, and Barkindji illustrator David Hardy.

Welcome, children! Nangga! Nangga! Yakarti! Tonight will be our Ceremony. 


Aboriginal Coloured Scarves 3 Pc Set - Set of 3 Aboriginal Coloured play scarves made from colorful fabric great for any playroom, school, and or childcare centre

Approximately 50cms x 50cms


Our Country Puzzle - 12pc / A3 Size - “Our Country” depicts the national flags of Australia with a map of the country. The Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands Flags are represented. Medium level of difficulty as a jigsaw puzzle. It is the story of Australia’s cultural heart.


Somebody's Land: Welcome to Our Country - For thousands and thousands of years, Aboriginal people lived in the land we call Australia. The land was where people built their homes, played in the sun, and sat together to tell stories. When the white people came, they called the land. Terra Nullius. They said it was nobody's land. But it was somebody's land. Somebody's Land is an invitation to connect with First Nations culture, to acknowledge the hurt of the past, and to join together as one community with a precious shared history as old as time.


Aboriginal Inspired Coloured Bunting - 2.0 Meters long


ABORIGINAL WOODEN STONES - This set includes 10 wooden shaped stones. Each wooden stone displays an Aboriginal symbol on one side and the word on the other side

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