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Multi-Cultural Baby Born Doll + Baby Wrap/Blanket Made in Australia

Multi-Cultural Baby Born Doll + Baby Wrap/Blanket Made in Australia


Our beautifullly made aboriginal designed Baby wrap/blanket is 74cmx62cm and made in Australia

Newborn doll (41cm) Multicultural (Gender chosen randomly)

This realistic looking doll is excellent for role play. The baby doll is anatomically correct girl & Boy  for realistic toileting functions and is unscented.

This life like baby doll can help children to understand different family relationships and roles within each family. Children can also learn about nurturing and caring for young babies. Baby dolls help children to understand the world around them through role play. Role play helps children to develop language and communication skills. It develops and promotes creativity and imagination. Play encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun.

The doll is made from PVC and is phthalate free.


  • Anatomically correct

  • Hospital-like Name Tag

  • Reusable Doll Nappy

  • Movable arms, legs and head

  • Size: Approx. 41 cm long (No batteries required)
  • Age Suitability: 3 years and older
  • Baby Born Dolls are popular with children , mimicking lifelike functions of a real baby the Baby Born range makes doll play more interactive and opens the door for imaginations to grow through pretend play.
  •  Soft-touch plastic makes this brand new version feel softer and more like skin. The arms and legs of this Baby Born doll are also softer and move easier to make dressing and undressing more lifelike.
  • Baby Born Doll Soft Touch Girl with Brown Eyes is a gorgeous doll toy for your child, encouraging a diverse range of play opportunities for hours of play fun.
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