Magnetic Fishing Game  Box

Magnetic Fishing Game Box


Brand: Fun Factory
Age: 4+ Years

 It helps Children with:
• Hand-eye coordination
• Fine motor skills
Comes in a box with a clear sliding lid to make packing away nice and easy. See how many fish you can catch. This sturdy game consists of a wooden “pond”; 11 wooden, realistic-looking sea creatures – including starfish, crab, squid as well as fish; and one rod. This game gives your child a chance to practice coordination, recognition of common sea creatures and turn taking (although this game can be played by oneself). A traditional game that has stood the test of time.

Contents include: 1 x wooden pond, 1 x fishing rod and 11 sea creatures.

With one  1 Rod

Size 25X20X3.5Cm (24)

age group 2-4 years 

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