Helen Price is a Darumbal artist, who designed this mat. She sees the story of this motif as the little turtles running and thinking about their journey they have ahead with so many dangers and so few that make it through to adulthood. Helen connects with turtles because of their spirit that calls them home - the part of each turtle that always knows the way back to the country they came from.

Like all of our recycled mats, Little Turtle is hard-wearing and easy to clean – wipe away dirt and dust, or hose it off and dry it in the shade. Made from 95% recycled plastics, Little Turtle is light enough to carry or fold up for transport or storage, so you can move it from ‘home corner’ to ‘story corner’ or even outside for a picnic lunch.

This innovative material is soft and comfortable for sitting and walking on but also tough enough for indoor or outdoor use. The striking colours ensure it’s an eye-catching addition to any library, community centre or office foyer.

The Little Turtle unique Australian design recycled mat in beautiful blue and white can be enjoyed as a camping mat, play mat or anywhere you want to bring people together

*As of November 23rd 2018, we are donating $5 from each retail purchase of this Little Turtle mat to the Sea Turtle Foundation. 

LITTLE TURTLE Aboriginal Design Recycled Mat, Blue & White


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