Kangaroo Koori Artwork Size A3

Kangaroo Koori Artwork Size A3

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All Koori Artwork Puzzles are Australian Made - Each puzzle comes with rear “information sheets” For Educator’s underside (Rear) of the puzzle tray, that provides a full background to the Artist, the work, the culture and the Dream time story linked with each puzzle.




  • Artwork by Robert Campbell jnr. (1944-1993)
  • Original is in private collection.
  • Hard level of difficulty as a jigsaw puzzle
  • It is the story of the “Hands Across Australia” event, held in 1984.


Available both in Hard wooden Material or Cardboard


Our Koori Artwork puzzles are available from 12 - 204 pieces and are made too order, if you would like to order a specific number of pieces please send us a message on our contact page or alternatively email usat sam@primarytoys.com.au 

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