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Inside India/Elephant's Nose -Flipside book (India)

Inside India/Elephant's Nose -Flipside book (India)


Inquire to Learn! There are many ways in which The Elephant’s Nose/ Inside India can be used as a base for Inquiry Learning. Possible Starter Questions for Discussion about  India and Indian culture: festivals and celebrations, capital cities, performing arts, and cultural symbols And  Elephants: What can you tell me about elephants and their trunks? Discuss that elephants use their long trunks for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, and producing sound. Their sense of smell is very strong and they can smell water from several kilometres away. The trunk of an elephant contains over 40,000 muscles and no bones and Many More. Elephant Nose is retelling a traditional Tale From India and Flip Side Inside India 8 Pages contains informatuon About LIfe and Cultural Of india -A land Of Colour,Spring is here and About Capital of India- Delhi.


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