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Human Evolution Puzzle & Lacing Set

Human Evolution Puzzle & Lacing Set


Human evolution is the process by which people originated from primates. This puzzle
demonstrates the evolutionary process through which people originated from apelike
ancestors. This puzzle includes 4 pieces of the evolutionary process namely Australopithecus,
Homo Erectus, Neanderthal man and Modern Man which the children can lace together using
a string to match each piece onto the board.

Children can use the string to put it through each wooden piece which encourages the use of
children’s fine motor skills and also promotes hand-eye coordination. Stringing the animals
also helps the children to stay focused which in turn helps build their attention span. Children
can also learn to identify the different stages of evolution which promotes language

This set is therefore an exceptional learning resource not only for promoting fine motor skills
but also giving children a basic introduction on human evolution.
Approx dimensions of product: cms. Weight:
Recommended age: 3+

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