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FUN - Plant a Tree Game

FUN - Plant a Tree Game


Plant -a-Tree Game

An original new game, designed by Renske and John during some quiet spells at a trade fair. Plant-a-Tree is a fantastically exciting game that challenges the players to plant their trees in the safe zone across the board. The wood choppers do their best to cut your trees down but the boys and girls can help the trees reach their destination by removing the wood choppers.

The game is won when either all your trees have safely been planted or when you have removed all the wood choppers from the opposing team. 

This game is genuinely exciting: the roll of the dice determines which piece can be moved and it is not  always the one you want to move!

Subtly teaching kids about tree  preservation,  this game is exciting and stimulating and the hand painted pieces are stored in the beautiful Suar wood box. 

The edition shown here is a limited edition and each set comes with a numbered certificate.

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