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Fishing Boat with 2 Magnetic Sticks

Fishing Boat with 2 Magnetic Sticks

AU$42.00 Regular Price
AU$37.80Sale Price
The Magnetic Fishing Boat is a beautifully made, smooth to touch, fish catching game that works with magnets in the fish and rods.
The set comes with a wooden boat, two easy to grasp rods and ten coloured fish.
The two fishing rods, complete with cheeky cat faces, fit into the bow and stern of the boat and can be turned to trawl for the fish. You can then put the fish in the boats cargo hold.
A lovely little toy which can be played with by two children to see who can catch the most fish.
The magnets on this toy are set inside the fishes body so there are no small parts to dislodge.
Size: 25cm  x 4cm x 9cm
Rec. Age: 3+

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