Early Years Ultimate Counting Set

Early Years Ultimate Counting Set

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Montessori Counting Rods - Looking for a toy that can help your preschoolers learn some basic math concepts and improve their counting skills? This will be perfect! The popular Montessori style counting rods are not only good for counting but are also a great tool for children to learn addition and subtraction. All pieces are well sized and are beautiful bright colours. The product is made of plantation timber using non-toxic materials, making them safe for your little ones. 


Counting Fingers Board - This Finger Counting Board represents left and right hands. Each finger is numbered on the both sides in numbers and words. A great toy for the little ones to learn about hands, fingers and counting. 


1 to 10-Torres Strait Islander - Bright and appealing counting and rhyming book for P-3 age groups, focused on Torres Strait Islander culture. 10 pages 210 x 295mm.Royalties paid or payments made through direct agreement with the Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists/authors/designers by our manufacturers.


1-10 Numbered multicultural Dolls/puppets with a teepee - little multicultural Dolls/puppets Numbered from 1 - 10 With Little twine roof Teepee Let your childs imagnation run wild with this cute little dolls set Dolls are machine washable,hand-washing teepee is recommended Measurements:Teepee: 32cm H, 13cm W.Dolls: 14cm H, 9cm W.



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