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Doll Sofa Set

Doll Sofa Set


The Doll Sofa Set is made from recycled rubber tree branches, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly practices. By choosing this set, you are not only providing your child with a delightful toy but also supporting sustainable manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the compact box dimensions (23x11x10 cm) and lightweight design (0.5 kg) make it easy to store and transport, ensuring that playtime can happen anywhere.

In conclusion, the Doll Sofa Set is more than just a toy; it is a gateway to a world of imagination and creativity. Handcrafted from recycled materials and designed with safety in mind, this set is perfect for young children who love to play and dream. The enchanting fairy tale style inspires storytelling and social interaction, while the eco-friendly construction aligns with sustainable values. Invest in a toy that offers endless fun and developmental benefits for your child.


Product Features:

  • Handcrafted from recycled rubber tree branches.
  • Fairy tale style to inspire imaginative play.
  • Child-safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage and transport.
  • Box Dimensions: 23x11x10 cm – 0.5 kg.

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