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Counting Finger Puzzle

Counting Finger Puzzle


The counting finger puzzle is an engaging and interactive puzzle that can contribute to a child’s educational development. It offers a hands-on approach to learning counting and number recognition skills, while also introducing the names of each finger through interactive play.

Counting and number recognition are fundamental math skills that children need to acquire during their early years. By using a puzzle format, the puzzle provides a tactile and visual experience that can make learning these skills more enjoyable and memorable. Manipulating the puzzle pieces and physically placing them on the correct finger can help reinforce the concept of counting and enhance hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, learning the names of each finger is a valuable aspect of early childhood education. By incorporating finger names into the puzzle, children can associate the numbers with specific fingers, further reinforcing their understanding of both numbers and body awareness.

Overall, the counting finger puzzle seems to offer a playful and interactive way for children to learn counting, number recognition, and finger names. It combines education with hands-on engagement, making it a potentially effective tool for early math development.

Approx dimensions of product: 26×18.5x2cms

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