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Celebrations And Specials days Book

Celebrations And Specials days Book


In Celebrations and Special Days, young readers will join children around the world as they celebrate religious festivals and special family days, such as weddings and coming of-age ceremonies. From Chinese New Year ,Holi to Hanukkah, Easter to Ramadan, readers will join families as they prepare special meals, decorate their homes, and take part in the special times that shape our lives. Book introduces young readers to the lives of children from many different countries and cultures. It highlights the diversity of children's lives, but also celebrates and examines the ways in which children worldwide are very much alike. In title, the accessible, lively text is supported by stunning photographs. The topics included in 24 pages book is thought provoking and often challenging and young readers will love finding out about the many different ways in which children around the world live their lives.

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