Chinese  Learning Resource Pack 2

Chinese Learning Resource Pack 2


This set contains the following items:


Celebrations and special Days: We join children around the world as the celebrate religious festivals and specials times of year. From Holi, to Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr to the Viking Festival of Up Helly Aa. Discover how families take part in the special days that shape our lives.


Chinese Zodiac Hanging 2022 - Handmade Embroidered 12 animals with 2D effect/sensory (each animal Is stuffed to create 2D effect ) Chinese zodiac is a mathematical cycle of 12 animals. great for children's learning &knowledge. Each animal represents one year. People are associated with the zodiac animal for the year that they are born. The 12 animals in order are: Rat, Ox & Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster & Chicken, Dog, and Pig. Zodiac animals can also represent hours of the day and directions. Colourful Handmade Chinese Zodiac hanging, set of 12, all chinese zodiac animals.Each animal size 8-11cm. 2  strings x 120 cms lenght


Traditional "Chinese" Girl Doll - Traditional "Chinese" Girl Doll stands 45cm tall. beautifully handmade Multi-Cultural dolls features soft bodys and range from approximately 45 cms to 60cms in height. Colors and/or costumes may vary.These resources help children's understanding and acceptance of different cultures, beliefs, languages, families, appearances and lifestyles. As children gain an understanding of their community, they also gain an understanding of themselves.This develops confidence and a sense of identity. Incorporating multicultural resources into play is a great way to introduce these concepts in fun and unobtrusive ways. 


Contemporary 'Chinese' Doll - Unique, handmade and handpainted Chinese doll in colourful, soft fabrics. Fully machine washable.45 cms H to 50 cms H

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