Changing Lifestyles Koori Artwork Size A3

Changing Lifestyles Koori Artwork Size A3

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All Koori Artwork Puzzles are Australian Made -Each puzzle comes with rear “information sheets”  For Educator’s underside (Rear) of the puzzle tray, that provides a full background to the Artist, the work, the culture and the Dream time story linked with each puzzle.

Changing Lifestyles


  • Artwork by Robert Campbell jnr. (1944-1993)
  • Original is in private collection.
  • Medium level of difficulty as a jigsaw puzzle
  • It is the story of the complete change to the indigenous life with the coming of settlement


Available both in Hard wooden Material or Cardboard


Our Koori Artwork puzzles are available from 12 - 204 pieces and are made too order, if you would like to order a specific number of pieces please send us a message on our contact page or alternatively email usat 

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