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Bauspiel | Fairy Tale Window Colourful - 12pc

Bauspiel | Fairy Tale Window Colourful - 12pc

AU$149.99 Regular Price
AU$134.99Sale Price

This set of brightly coloured Bauspiel Fairy Tale Windows feature one or two transparent faceted stones which will bring charm and beauty to every creative construction endeavour.

Children will love looking through the stones as they catch the light, glimmering and sparkling!

Let the cities, towns and villages come to life with these pretty wooden blocks.

Pack away in the wooden box for tidy storage.
12 pieces (6 different forms – 2 pieces each)
Windows: l: 10 – 15 cm, h: 5 – 7 cm, w: 2,5 cm
Box: 23.5 x 23.5 x 6 cm

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