This beautifully illustrated story, from the Yuin people of Wallaga Lake, New South Wales, tells the tale of Bangu the Flying Fox, and the lesson she learns about sticking by her friends. With the permission of the elders of Wallaga Lake, their people's story is retold in this form so that children everywhere can share it and learn from it.


About the author (1994)

Penny Jones has been working with Koori children from Wallaga Lake for a number of years and has illustrated several children’s story books.
Aaron Norris is twelve years old and lives at Cobargo with his mum, dad and sisters, Yolanda and Tara, He enjoys karate, surfing, drawing and music.
Jillian Taylor is a teacher and lives near Wallaga Lake with her husband, Alan, and cat, Jovi, and has an enthusiastic interest in Aboriginal education and in literature and language.

Bangu the Flying Fox: A Dreamtime story of the Yuin people of Wallaga Lake


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