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Australian Landmark Set

Australian Landmark Set


Welcome to our Aussie Landmark Adventure! Explore iconic Australian landmarks with our wooden replica set. From Adelaide Town Hall to the Sydney Opera House, let your imagination take flight!

But wait, there’s more than meets the eye. These landmarks aren’t just for show – they’re portals to learning and fun! Travel from coast to coast as you discover the rich history and diverse architecture of Australia.

With eight magnificent structures to explore, the possibilities are endless. Will you stroll through the bustling Flinders St Station or marvel at the grandeur of Parliament House? The choice is yours!

Our Australian landmark set provides children with the perfect opportunity to explore their imaginative skills. Imaginative play is when children enact an event or experience in their life that they have come across or found interesting. It allows them to create stories and explore new ideas as they connect with the world around them. This promotes language development.

During their pretend play experiences, children come across challenges which they learn to overcome thus developing their problem-solving skills. Another important benefit of pretend play is, it helps develop your toddlers emotional needs as they learn to express and understand their feelings. Thus, this set provides children with endless opportunities through which they can develop their emotional, imaginative, language and creative skills.

Recommended age: 2+

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