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Alphabet and Numbers 1-10 Flash Cards

Alphabet and Numbers 1-10 Flash Cards

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Learning Can Be Fun Alphabet and Numbers 1-10 flash cards introduce children to the alphabet and early number recognition. Children need experience with the alphabet, counting and talking about numbers before they can learn to read. This set of flash cards represents the alphabet in four different formats, and numbers 1-10 in 3 different formats.
Children will be able to:
• Make an alphabet frieze
• Match image cards with the correct letter, such as A for apple.
• Build a self-correcting, capital-letter train
• Read commonly used words beginning with the same letter: car, carrot, clown, chicken, cat.
• Match lower case letters to capital letters, which will help understanding that each letter can be written in two different ways but retains the same sound.
Number cards show the symbol (7), the word (seven) and illustration (seven turtles). Detailed activity guide includes numerous ways of using these 62 flash cards. Each laminated card has rounded edges for easy sorting and measures 87mm x 123mm.
Contents include:
• 52 double-sided, self-checking alphabet cards
• 10 double-sided, maths symbol cards
• 3 double-sided activity guide cards

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