Aboriginal Book Set 1

Aboriginal Book Set 1

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BOOK 1: When I Was Little, Like You

With evocative words and stunning pictures, Mary Malbunka tells her rich story of growing up in the early days of the Papunya settlement in central Australia, going bush with her family and learning about culture and life. A picture book for all ages


BOOK 2: Waterlillies

Australian picture book by the author of Walking with the Seasons in Kakadu. Beautifully illustated by Colwyn Cambell, and a wonderful Aboriginal teaching resource book.


BOOK 3: You and Me, Murrawee Book

"We walk this same brown earth" In this, picture book, we see through the eyes of a young girl into life as it would have been two hundred years ago for an Aboriginal girl.

BOOK 4: Luurnpa, the Magical Kingfisher

This is a traditional Dreaming narrative, belonging to Bai Bai Napangarti from the Balgo Hills region of Western Australia. It tells the story of Luurnpa, who saves the Kukatja people from dying of thirst by showing them his magic rock hole full of water.Royalties paid or payments made through direct agreement with the Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists/authors/designers.



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