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Aboriginal Art Rainbow Serpent Knob Puzzle

Aboriginal Art Rainbow Serpent Knob Puzzle


The Rainbow Serpent inspired knob puzzle measures 30(W) x 20(H). A 6-piece wooden knob puzzle in stunning vibrant colours. This puzzle is perfect for young children as the pieces feature a large knob which is easy for children to grasp and place the pieces in the puzzle. A great introductory puzzle for the early years environment to encourage young children to easily grasp the puzzle piece and place it in to position. Excellent for developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

This dreamtime inspired artwork is a great way to teach about Aboriginal culture and the dreamtime. See also our range of more challenging Dreamtime puzzles available.

Suitable for children from the age of 2 years.

Doing puzzles is a great activity for young children to develop fine motor skills, visual and memory skills, categorising and sorting skills, whilst playing and having fun. Children can progress from these basic puzzles to higher levelled, larger puzzles that require them to develop more advanced strategies, critical thinking techniques, and problem solving skills.

Tuzzles is and Australian owned company, and all puzzles are made in Australia. They are high quality products, which feature printing directly onto the puzzle. The puzzles are durable and can withstand the classroom. Tuzzles themes include animals, feelings, hygiene, safety, multi-culturalism, counting and transport.

L 300 mm x W 200 mm x H 22.75 mm6 Pieces

Made in Australia 

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