These beautifully handmade Multi-Cultural dolls features soft bodies and range from approximately 37cms to 60cms in height. Colors and/or costumes may vary.These resources help children's understanding and acceptance of different cultures, beliefs, languages, families, appearances and lifestyles. As children gain an understanding of their community, they also gain an understanding of themselves.This develops confidence and a sense of identity. Incorporating multicultural resources into play is a great way to introduce these concepts in fun and unobtrusive ways. 1 X Indian Girl Doll1- 37 cms  X Canadian Girl Doll1- 45 cms X Indian Mother with Baby Doll1- 60 cms X African Girl1 -47 cms  X Tibetan Boy Doll1 -44 cms X Contemporary Chinese Girl Doll -44 cms.  Fully machine washable children can dress and undress the dolls. Baby can be detached and can cuddle mum in different positions easily as per child's choice.

6 pc Multi-Cultural Dolls Set

$229.95 Regular Price
$189.00Sale Price
  • 100% Cotton

    Machine Washable

    Costume designs may vary

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